Apr 10, 2011


Somebody planted a pair of scissors near the gate.


Gracey said...

wow, nice zoom! :)

Abigail Wise said...

haha. That's a super cool photo! You can see every detail!

Unknown said...

I really like this!

Anonymous said...

Kind of like cloud gazing, the scissor handles -- after looking at them for a while -- made me think of eye glasses studying or essaying the grasses, ha! I dunno..

Anywho, the compositional properties are wonderfully framed, with the chipped block, rusting scissor and browning grass interacting in this collective "fraying" process. It is a beautiful degradation (like Frou Frou's song "beauty in the breakdown"). Good stuff ;)

-- if you have time, check out some of my poetry. Peace.

Ellinor Forje said...

Rustic. I like it. Thanks for sharing the photo and drop by me too, soon. Who planted?


Allison said...

This is SO clever.
I really need a scissor tree though; they are my number 1 always lost item, and to be able to pick a new pair would be so sooo nice.

canvas artwork said...

realy nice close up shots there

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