Nov 18, 2013

"Out of the Box" Business Cards

out of the box business cards
out of the box business cards
out of the box business cards
out of the box business cards
out of the box business cards
out of the box business cards
out of the box business cards
Check out my new business cards. They're totally out of the box, and not just figuratively, but also literally. They're made out of a box! This idea was super fun and easy to make. I started off by ordering the stamps, and then I scavenged for some random boxes. Check out those fifty shades of box. The fun thing about these cards is that the designs are always different and the possibilities are endless! The great thing about these cards is that I don't have to worry about printing cards out of new paper - they're eco-friendly and save money, and they express my quirkiness at the same time!

I'm definitely saving the tampon one for someone who will accept my humour.. ;)


Geof Ramsay said...

Very, very cool! I like it.

Dori the Giant said...

Thank you Geof. :P I'm totally not surprised that you'd like this hahaha.

Kwan said...

Literally love the idea! I wish I could have one, and it would also be exciting which 'box' I'll get. haha :P

Dori the Giant said...

Haha Kwan, that's awesome. I could totally just mail you one. ;)

pilgrimjamie said...

Clever! What an amazing, and well executed idea!


cerebral e said...

This reminds me of when I first discovered letterpress (about 10 years ago, before it was trendy) at some flea market in NYC. The old guy at the stall was definitely not trendy or hipsterish! His business cards were letter pressed onto old cereal boxes. I still have it glued into my travel journal from that year.

nickary said...

this is such a fantastic concept! love the ideas you put out here dori C:

Dori the Giant said...

Thanks everyone. :)

Elissa, that is awesome - I also love letterpress. :) I would totally letterpress these if I had the means!!!

Inna said...

Ok, wow. I just love all of your creative ideas!! These are pretty much genius. Keep up the inspiring work!

Alex said...


Katia said...

This is fantastic! Where did you order the stamp from? It looks rad.


Dori the Giant said...

Thank you! The ones here were from Rubber Stamp Champ. It was the first site I stumbled upon, and they made them well. :)

Unknown said...

Could you send me one of your business cards...I love your work!!! It's awesome xxx

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