Dec 27, 2012

Pine Apple.

Pine Apple, pine apple, pines
Pine Apple, pineapple, pines
PineApple, pine apple, pines
spinning pine apple
This play on words was sitting in my sketchbook for a couple of years so I finally decided to create it. It's a pine apple that is made entirely out of pine needles, a pine branch for the wick, and glue. It took me a few days to get it all done! It looks great on my shelf - maybe I'll sell it!


Katia said...

Hahaha I love your puns come-to-life projects, this is so sick!


Oh, My Darling said...

Happy 2013! I'm getting back into blogging and am delighted to start reading yours again! The play on pineapple is so very cleverly done - love it!

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