Apr 18, 2011

Tallspeed 2.

Here are some more high speed photos that I took. My setup isn't the greatest, but I like the strange shapes I captures. They're so much fun, I can't wait to learn more about this stuff. Click here for the full set.




Alice Jones said...

These are gorgeous!

Claire said...

These are magnificent! The last two you posted are my favorite. The pink one feels like the globules are just floating away...
Nicely done!

Unknown said...

that first pink one is awesome. i love it.


Missy H. said...

Neat(: The first one reminds me a sports bra. Don't ask me why.

LL said...

My friend and I were just talking about doing this for fun next weekend. I'll say it again! Your school must have a really awesome photo program. Also, I met a guy this weekend that had hair that was almost* as beautiful as your boyfriend's. I had to resist the urge to say something stupid like, "There's this blogger (who i dont actually know) and her boyfriend (who i definitely dont know) has the same hair as you!"

Heather said...

You're so amazing! I'm serious about flying you out here. Someday.. it will happen.

I also wish I could take a photography class, somehow those classes are reallllly expensive. And I'm not sure I have the natural talent that you do, not even close.


Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

Very cool! Like little aliens.

pcleddy said...


Missy H. said...

Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it! Thank you(:
I agree with you about what Hannah said, and do appreciate your comments and concern.
P.S. Your art is beautiful <3

marci said...

Wow! These are amazing!

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