Dec 17, 2012

Fall Rise Project - Numbered Leaves

numbered leaves, stamped leaves
numbered leaves, stamped leaves
numbered leaves, stamped leaves
numbered leaves, stamped leaves
This is my latest art project called Fall Rise.

This Brampton project consisted of number stamping 1,500 leaves from around the area, and then releasing them along a portion of the Etobicoke Creek Trail (Sandalwood to Williams) for people to find as treasures. They'll be on the trails from Wednesday, December 19th. The day before the last day of fall. :)

The ink is permanent and waterproof! I actually learned a lot about leaves while making this project. I didn't realize how many different types of trees were growing around my neighbourhood, along with the crazy shapes the leaves have. A lot of the leaves would react in a different way towards the ink, and many of them would dry in different ways too. Leaves are something I see every single Autumn but never think twice about. This was a fun challenge to get myself to see familiar things in a deeper and more observable way. Leaves are beautiful!

If you find one, feel free to e-mail me a photograph of it. More pics to come!

Edit: It was in the paper:
Find a Leaf, numbered leaves, stamped leaves


Katia said...

that is SUCH a neat idea - wow! the leaves look really odd numbered, a strange juxtaposition of something sort of 'made' like how you'd number prints of your art, combined with something so natural and made by nature. love it!


Anonymous said...

Neat idea, hope I find one

Sally and Jim said...

Maple Leaf 1076 found on a light standard half way round our regular morning walk form Loafers Lake to Bovaird and back.
Seen before but not understood before the Guardian article.
Good luck with the fun project. Sounds like lots of work.
Sally and Jim

Dori the Giant said...

That's awesome. :) Thanks for letting me know!

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