Oct 20, 2018

$$ Money Celebration! $$

Check out these cool money-related visuals I made! All using actual modified bills & coins (click here to get an idea!)

Latest Wask Products

I've added some new products to my brand Wask - head on over to Waskstudio.com to check them out, and don't forget to follow the brand to stay in the loop! @waskstudio

Aug 3, 2018

Home Hardware - The Rooster

Here's the agency version of our Home Hardware spot for The Kitchen Event.
Love your kitchen again!

Jun 21, 2018

Boston Pizza - BP in Bed

For Boston Pizza, we created a new way to comfortably enjoy your pizza in bed while binging your favourite Netflix shows - a pizza box that turns into a tray.

New stop-motion animations for Wask products!

arm or palm binder clips 1-time use erasers broken heart paper clip short-sided ruler
Check out my new stop-motion animation product images for Wask.
Buy the proucts at waskstudio.com!

May 18, 2018

Schneider's TV Spots

bacon sizzling

Check out our Schneider's commercials for bacon, sausages, and dry cured meats!

Apr 30, 2018

Cigarette Tree Resurfaces Again

My cigarette tree sculpture art was recently published in Momentum, a publication for Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Feb 10, 2018


Wask boxes
So all of my small Wask products will be packaged in these small white slide boxes for now. I like how simple the packaging is! I do have to buy new label stickers each time I make a new item for the boxes, but over time I'll probably find the best sticker source for that!

Dec 21, 2017

Wask Studio - Hug Me Binder Clips

hand binder clip, palm binder clip

Introducing "Hug Me" binder clips.
These binder clips, with their reaching arms, are perfect for people whose papers need some consolation.

$10 at waskstudio.com

Merry Xmas From Wask Studio.

rudolph safety pin
Wask is celebrating xmas with safety pins!
Buy our "Rudolph & Friends" safety pins.

$10 at waskstudio.com

Dec 19, 2017

Wask Studio - 1-Time Use Erasers

mini pink erasers miniature pink eraser tiny pink erasers

Introducing "1-Time Use" erasers.
Classic pink eraser shape, but super miniature! Comes with 40 pieces. For the minimalist in you.

$10 at waskstudio.com

Wask Studio - Unbreak My Heart Paper Clips

Broken heart paper clip Broken heart paper clips Broken heart paper clip

Introducing "Unbreak My Heart" paper clips.
These paper clips are heartbroken but turn into a complete heart once you use them on some paper.

$10 at waskstudio.com

Nov 28, 2017

New Brand - Wask Studio

Wask Studio

Hey guys! I'm launching my new brand now - Wask Studio.

Probably all of my future products will be sold through here. :)

Follow through:
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Nov 20, 2017

Product design: recap + new beginnings!

My first products
Hey guys I wanted to make a little blog update about one of my side hustles that I've been working on, which has been taking up most of my time so I have a lot of neglected projects that are no longer getting my attention for now. It happens!

A little recap: here's an image of my first 5 physical products that I sold through dorotapankowska.com as well as here. I'm not counting the times I briefly had an Etsy shop and sold hand-made jewelry, or the times I've sold prints of my art/photography. I've had a fascination for physical product design for many years but I just don't know a lot about it. But that doesn't really stop me from constantly trying to learn more about it and find more ways to make my product ideas happen, because I have a lot of ideas.

So I'm starting a new brand soon where most, if not all, my new products will be sold through. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, to have a separate brand with its own standalone name. I've learned from a lot of mistakes when trying to make all these previous physical products happen. I previously wrote about one of them here and I think having everything in one place will help tie everything together and I'll also be able to directly blog about my future mistakes (because many more will come!) on this new site.

So... keep an eye out for this upcoming project!

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