Jan 16, 2023

Hi Michael!

Okay so my friend Michael Stevens (!!!) from Vsauce just made a Youtube Short eating the Wask silica gel candy! It was also posted on other social like TikTok and guess what? It was removed from TikTok for promoting "dangerous acts and challenges" haha - although the video isn't asking anybody to eat silica gel after all. But what's the most funny to me is that when I created this candy, I actually wanted to create some sort of "silica gel challenge" on the internet knowing it would be super controversial! I simply didn't have enough following to get something like that going haha!

Maybe it's not too late...? ;)


Anonymous said...

I just discovered Wask via Michael's video! I LOVE EACH AND EVERY PRODUCT!

Dori the Giant said...

Thanks so much, Anon! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it may be funny that TikTok removed the video, but you have to understand that not everyone is reasonable and logical. Many people, especially young people, are ready to do stupid and dangerous things that can cost them their lives. Could you carry someone on your soul for the sake of your art? Remember, human stupidity is immeasurable.

Tristan said...

Vsauce's video introduced me to your amazing assortment of wacky things for sale! definitely want to by a few items, when some go back in stock.

Dori the Giant said...

Thanks Tristan!!!

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