May 3, 2019

A few random ad ideas, some old.

Here are a few ad ideas throughout the past year for ad competitions (although we didn't win, it's always fun to make these): This unsubmitted idea for Carte Blanche is for contact lenses and would mimic the colour of the sky during that time but remove any of the clouds in that area. This unsubmitted Carte Blanche idea has an extra text board underneath the billboard's weather indicator that would show what the weather "Feels like", except every day despite the weather, it would constantly say "Feels like Climate change." For this year's Carte Blanche, Emma and I thought it would be fun to make a billboard playing off of Toronto's recent vibrator billboard that made headlines all over the world. We mirrored the line "Scream your own name" with our own line, "Scream for No Name", featuring ice cream! This year's Young Lions competition brief was pretty long, but in a nutshell the task was to get Canadians thinking about climate change and get motivated to use their power of voting to elect candidates that stand for making an effort to combat climate change. Emma and I thought of a fun gimmick to use for the magazine print ad that involved a clear acetate sheet with a red "X" in the middle, where on one side a box represents a checked voting ballot, but when you turn the acetate (and remove your vote), you're placing the red "x" overtop a polar bear to symbolize their demise.


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