Jan 6, 2019

President's Choice #EatTogether 2019

Eat Together 2019
We spend hours a day staring at pictures of people we’ll never meet, scrolling through highlight reels of lives that look nothing like real life. And the more we push each other to live this “best life” that doesn’t even actually exist, the less we value the things that truly make us happy. Like sitting around a table, surrounded by people we love. Eating together.


Check out our new commercial for President's Choice. We had a really great team bringing this spot together and I won't list all the names here but you'll find them on Ads of the World. Working on this actually got me thinking about social media a ton... and definitely got me rethinking what social media should mean to me and in what ways I should let it affect me this year.

Maybe it's not so much a matter of changing my social media habits as it is trying to focus more on my real life and friends/family, and then social media will just naturally feel less loud and distracting.


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bookmarked!!, I like your website!

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