Nov 5, 2013

Trueman St. Bridge - Brampton Community Project

So a couple of weeks ago I was part of a really fun community project in Brampton! The task was to repaint a long bridge near Sir Winston Churchill elementary school and have everybody included in the painting process!

I was the art director so I thought of the idea of painting the school colours striped all along the bridge. I then added stencilled patterns on the stripes - hearts & peace signs, as well as the words love & respect. We also repainted one of the concrete walls along the bridge ramps. It was a lot of work prepping and painting those stripes! Thanks for Garry, Don, and all the volunteers that helped out with the process!

The event was really awesome and big, and a lot of the people enjoyed it despite the chilly weather. :) That's also a photo of me in the paper.

Feel free to check out the story on The Brampton Guardian. I'll try to post some more photos/videos of the aftermath soon! The bridge is super beautiful & colourful right now. :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome. This is really close to my house. I have to check this out!! Thank you :)

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