Dec 28, 2012

Macro Mania.

My locket chain.

Tiny blades of dead grass.

Tape with lint on it.

A dried leaf.

The bottom of a pill container.

A broken SD card.

A deformed M&M.

Condensation in a water bottle.

A die.

The bottom of a tiny spring.

The bottom of a used paint brush.

The older sister's spaghetti eye.

So I rented a macro lens for a day! I had some fun with it and here are some of my favourite shots. I've always been a huge macro fan, especially microscopic things.


Brittney said...

I'm really liking the eye pictures, you should start a collection of them.

P.s - it's a die, not a dice. had to.... :)

Dori the Giant said...

Thanks! I always get die and dice confused - and I always think it's the other way around. :P

And yeah, the eye photos are fun, but they've already been done so many times! Although it would be cool to collect friends' eye photos.

Melanie said...

Wow that picture of your sister's eye is magnificent! I think I just stared at it for the past 5 minutes following all the contours of it! Beautiful! I love the dried leaf too!

Your some photographer!!!

Ergo - Blog

Zak said...

Nice! It'd be great if you could get even closer on some of those; I'm thinking that the leaf and the tape would look especially entrancing when you can't tell at first what you're looking at.

Anonymous said...

I love macro photography! I believe my lens collection would be complete if I had a macro lens- though renting is a fine alternative until then!

me said...

Your blog is amazing!!!

Holly said...

WOW! You're incredible! That eye is wicked and amazing!

Mira_BuildABearville said...

oh my god i adore your photography!!!

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