Feb 8, 2012

Pop Tab Collection.

Hi everyone. I started a new little project. A collection. I really love pop tabs, so I decided that I want to collect all different kinds of tabs. I'm looking for different shapes, colours, and varieties (they don't even have to be from drinks). I rarely drink any canned beverages, so I would appreciate some help!

If you get your hands on some crazy aluminum tabs, I'll trade you something for them!

Alas, here is the little beginning of my collection...

I'd appreciate any help I could get, and thanks to all my friends who already donated a bunch of these to me. You guys are awesome!



Katia said...

I have a truckload of silver ones that I collected when I was younger so I could make those weaved pop-tab bracelets out of them! Don't know if you want repeats of the same over and over again though.

This is an impressive range of them though! I love the coloured ones! Did you just scan these in? or photograph them?


Dori the Giant said...

That's awesome! I'm kind of working on a project using the regular pop tabs, but I'm more than halfway finished.

And yeah, aren't all the shapes awesome? I photographed these, but then turned the background white. :)

Unknown said...

Great collection!

blogmoodeuse said...

Such a great idea ! You could even do necklaces and bracelets with them !! Just some ideas when I saw them !! xoxox


ftashion said...

What an interesting collection! The coloured ones are really awesome!

Fang Ting

maggiedot said...

an idea would be to go around metro or campus and just rip them off unopened cans. or - a more legal way - scope out recycling bins!

Shergy123 said...

where did you get the purple one from? I have gold ones, silver ones, blue ones and an orange one and a green one..

Shergy123 said...

please reply! I have loads of colors but i really need a purple one! i have 106 pop tabs in total..i have about 10 blue ones, 10 gold ones, 2 black ones, 1 orange one, 1 green one, 1 red one and about 80 silver ones.. i will swap any for a purple one, i really need it because a friend wanted it and he moved away..and thats the only way i can see him again!

Dori the Giant said...

Hey, well based on the logo on the pop tab, the purple one was from a Rockstar drink.

I actually don't think pop so I don't know much about what these drinks look like.. I don't have a blue one though, where are blue ones from?

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