Nov 9, 2011

"ANA", an anorexia video.

Please watch the video at 720p, it doesn't even seem to be synced properly at any other viewing setting. I had a lot of technical issues..

I made this "photo essay" for an assignment, and I chose the topic of anorexia. I've never had my own experience with anorexia (more like the opposite), but I've had my own personal beauty issues which I think affected me in a similar way. Majority of the video was photographed by me. Some shots were taken with the help of friends, and a few other photos (the clips in the television) were taken from the internet. I feel like the media's influence is a big part of anorexia, so I used actual media photos that I found - I couldn't have replicated it to get the same effect.

Regardless, I'm happy with some parts of my video and I can't wait to start shooting/editing some real video footage in the future.


sleepyhead said...

you're a great artist. :)

Katia said...

I think it's really powerful, really good job!


maggiedot said...

is that the song from requiem for a dream? what song is that? also, good job :)

mel said...

Nicely done. You had some really great imagery in there. Keep up the good work!

alliehallmarr said...

This is so good. Perfect song too. I really like the mirror scene and the shriveling apple at the end.

Wifecon said...

Great video...very powerful.

the parading goat said...

The candle burning up somehow freaked me out.
Definetly powerful!

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