Aug 6, 2011


I just wanna make my photographs move!
I hope I can afford a high quality video camera some day.


Claire said...

This is quite amusing.

pcleddy said...

first one is outstanding. last is interesting. middle ones...am i missing something subtle?

Dori the Giant said...


Haha, no, the middle ones I did first! Then I started experimenting more. :)

The middle ones are just kinda jiggling.

I'm excited to experiment more to make stuff like the first one!

Stephanie said...

Hi Dori!

I posted some of your cinemagraphs in one of my blog posts highlighting my favourite art finds this week. I linked them right to your blog.. I hope this is okay!


They are right here.. if you have any problems let me know and I'll remove them immediately.

Your cinemagraphs are amazing! thank you!!

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