Aug 26, 2011

Monster on the wall.

Yesterday I had another opportunity to make a sculpture out of Sculpey clay. I made a frustrated creature. It originally represented me and certain things that have been bothering me lately. The setting I created for it doesn't really match my intentions. Does it make you think of anything other than paying bills?


Katia said...

far more creative than anything I've ever done with sculpey! Love the backdrop/setting you made :)

Gracey said...

The frustrated look on him makes him more curious to look at :) nice one dori!

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of homework.

Astrid said...

It made me think of the letters I got from the universities I applied for.. :S "DECLINED"

I really love it!

zdjnbu said...

Made me think about letters waiting to be answered.

Anonymous said...


adam lennard said...

Hi Dori, I was so pleased to see my blog gave you a smile to start the day with. I would just like to say that your blog is inspiring me. i love photography but you have a knack to take the ordinary look, well, extraordinary. cliched, i know, but true.

looking forward to seeing more sculptures too.

take care


Dori the Giant said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

..and thanks for your kind words, sleep talking man! ;)

Pouting Bear said...

I like this :)
It's what I look like when I can't get the words to form proper sentences! And, is that a Jackson Pollock on the wall?
By the way, we're giving away a free book over at ours, if you're interested :)

zachary said...

I see postman pat :)

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