Aug 26, 2011

Monster on the wall.

Yesterday I had another opportunity to make a sculpture out of Sculpey clay. I made a frustrated creature. It originally represented me and certain things that have been bothering me lately. The setting I created for it doesn't really match my intentions. Does it make you think of anything other than paying bills?


K said...

far more creative than anything I've ever done with sculpey! Love the backdrop/setting you made :)

gracey said...

The frustrated look on him makes him more curious to look at :) nice one dori!

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of homework.

Astrid said...

It made me think of the letters I got from the universities I applied for.. :S "DECLINED"

I really love it!

Jyrki said...

Made me think about letters waiting to be answered.

Anonymous said...


adam lennard said...

Hi Dori, I was so pleased to see my blog gave you a smile to start the day with. I would just like to say that your blog is inspiring me. i love photography but you have a knack to take the ordinary look, well, extraordinary. cliched, i know, but true.

looking forward to seeing more sculptures too.

take care


wallflower said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

..and thanks for your kind words, sleep talking man! ;)

Pouting Bear said...

I like this :)
It's what I look like when I can't get the words to form proper sentences! And, is that a Jackson Pollock on the wall?
By the way, we're giving away a free book over at ours, if you're interested :)

zachary said...

I see postman pat :)

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