Dec 9, 2010

Be my clementine?

Be my clementine.
Happiness is the stuff inside.


dieter michalek said...

so great.

Ellinor Forje said...

Your blog is bright and uplifting. I'm glad I stumbled on it. I love your photorapht, you little talent you. Drop by me too when you have time, and excuse me while I browse the rest of your blog.


Caroline said...

I most certainly agree!!! I love Clementines and love this blog of yours! xo

Bethany Susan said...


Zabrinah said...

I totally agree. Happiness IS the stuff inside. What a fabulous little post! I love your blog!


Best wishes,


miss annie said...

great shot ! you are so creative!

Anonymous said...

So cute and clever and original! - G

Claire said...

Oh, very nice!

Is it intentional that "Happiness is the Stuff Inside" is coupled with an empty shell of an orange? XD

Lovely design, though! Your stuff is just crystal.

audrey said...

Hi Dori.
I came over from Ces's blog. I browsed your blog for a while ~ your photographs are FABULOUS!! I love taking photographs and I appreciate good photography when I see it.
I'll be back to see more. (:
♥ audrey

Andresgallardo said...

cool blog, very funny. i love it !!!

Rebecca said...

eee, love this photo!!

ps, i'm having a christmas jumper giveaway (:

jill said...

::runs to the fridge to find an orange::

Melanie's Randomness said...

aww this made me smile!! =)

Hey lady! I'm running a small giveaway over at my blog! If you get a chance give it a look!

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