Sep 29, 2010

Lonely Tree on the Cliff

My friend Andrew Foerster ((www.rewfoe.com)) makes some amazing sculptures as well as illustrations! I hung out with him recently and we made sculptures out of Sculpey. It was pretty amazing! I've never used Sculpey before and I absolutely love it. My sculpture is based off a drawing. The girl represents a tree, sitting alone on top of a cliff. It's her responsibility to stay on that cliff. Here's a close-up.



Anonymous said...

very, VERY cool. i want to try this out for myself.

Kristin H said...

Please do more, great girl:)

TJ said...

Willow. That's awesome!!! Did you use tools? Also, did you sew the clothes? I love the concept!!!!

Dori the Giant said...


I used a few tools, especially for the face, but it was kinda hard for me. Yeah I sewed the clothes by hand, really badly.. haha :)

She looks good naked too. ;)

Kathryn said...

Wow! She looks so life-like. I love that she is a single tree on a cliff: so solitary.

Kate x

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. You should do an entire series.
you should check out: http://www.mccartyphotoworks.com/
He's a genius.

miss annie said...

wow! I love these sculptures ! SO creative and you rblog is really cool ;)

Nav said...

wow! that's awesome!



Alycia said...

wow she's really pretty! i love the little denim jeans! cute :)

tera said...

Your tree girl is really cool. I love that she could be peaceful or moody depending on your perspective.
I left you a nice little award on my blog.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh that is so cool. I love the crazy hair!


Unknown said...

This is really cool, great job and very creative!!

frankenstein said...

dori! your projects really really inspire me. thanks for posting amidst the business.

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