Feb 21, 2010

Toronto-based artist, Dori.

Hey! Welcome to my first blog entry. I'm a Toronto-based artist, designer, photo grad and art director.

I do a lot of creative projects on my spare time, most of which you can find here or on my website (link on the right).

Available for freelance work. :)


tifsong said...

dori! i'm so glad you've found me. you're magic. lets be blog friends. really. your art is inspiring. and your photography is so great. thanks for sharing you with the world. ♥TIF
and THANKS for liking my photography. i have a real life blog too. http://tifsong.blogspot.com

Dori the Giant said...

Tiffani, your comment just made my day! I'm definitely down for being blog friends, I really do need more of those. Thank you. :)

its simple love said...

I am in love with your blog! It's fantastic! You are very original and fun to read. Beautiful.


Dori the Giant said...

Thank you! Yours is so positive, which is why I'm following it! :$ Keep up the good posts.

Anonymous said...

I don't belive you don't know any polish word...

Obejrzałem wszystkie wpisy jednym tchem. Ty i twoja wyobraźnia jesteście bardzo inspirujące.


Dori the Giant said...

Dziękuje :)

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