Sep 14, 2015

Vsauce Posters

Vsauce Vsauce Vsauce
I never posted these before, but I made these way back in 2012 for Vsauce!


Unknown said...

There is an incredible transcendent aspect to each one of these posters. Especially the fantastically outlandish juxtapositioning of the deck of cards with the moon landing figurine - the fact that this is statistically, historically and scientifically true regarding 'discovery' on both cases makes it all the more exciting: we get to be part of the experience. This goes to all three poster depictions. Thanks for posting!!

Dori the Giant said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment. :)

Unknown said...

This blog is fantastic. You, are fantastic !
Thanks to Mike for retweeting your last entry.
And nice designs by the way (Webite+Blog).

Unknown said...

How can i buy these?!?!

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