May 3, 2015

OUTPUT: Exhibit

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Photo by Daniel Francavilla

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I'm currently part of an exhibit at Twist Gallery called Output. Go check it out until the 29th! My works include a series titled I Wish I Were A Smoker and the Psiphon poster series + paper models.

My series, I Wish I Were A Smoker, is about wanting to fit in with people, and wanting to be just as cool as everyone else, but in the end always sticking to my true self and doing what I think is best for me. It's about using smoking as a metaphor for giving in to what everyone around you is doing, and feeling that pressure. It's something I feel in many forms in my daily life, and I'm proud of myself for just being me. I wish I were a smoker, but I prefer candy.


Rod / El Fork said...

I Like Everything You Do!

nice job

Jan said...

I actually thought this is a work about the poor characteristics of sugar and you were comparing smoking to it. Given the many people suffer from obesity and smoking it makes sense to me ;-)
I like it anyway!

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