Sep 2, 2013

Galaxy Glasses

Portrait by my buddy Thomas Dagg. Check out his awesome work! :)

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As for the glasses... I made them! They're an easy Do-It-Yourself. I bought white nylons and cut them out to replace the lenses, and then I painted them space themed. Depending on the nylons, you'll have to stretch them out over the frame based on your preferences: the more stretched they are, the more clear you can see through them, but the less clear your painting will look! It's all about balance. I think they're rad.


Fat Rabbit said...

That's so cool, I thought it was shopped. You so clever Dori :)

Dori the Giant said...

If you thought they were shopped then I'll take that as a compliment hahaha. :P Thanks.

Julia said...

Cool blog! :)
Fantastic glasses! ;D


Anonymous said...

DORI you're such a cutie!!!
I love this! you prob will start a hugeeeee craze!!

-You nubahh one fannnn!!

Anonymous said...

So awesome that you got to photograph our Brampton Zombie Walk :)

Dori the Giant said...

Haha totally, it was cool to see it in Brampton!

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