Sep 26, 2013

Business Coins V3

business coins v3
business coins v3
I made a new version of business coins. I was going for something a little more modern and simple. I used my Favicon logo for the main image, which is a girl standing next to a skyscraper. I started off by spray painting pennies gold, then using this method to transfer the images and text onto them, and finishing off with a clear gloss finish.

I don't usually use these for many business purposes yet actually! Most of the time I end up handing them out to new creative souls that I meet and want to swap websites with.

Feel free to give it a go!



Anonymous said...

Woahhh... you're badddddd... this is so illegal. I only like having fun if I'm not breaking any laws.

Anonymous said...

this is actually so awesome!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness! This is SUCH a cute cute idea! Love how they turned out. :) You are seriously a creative genius! Love it!

Herr B. said...

Cute, but anonymous in the first comment is right: http://www.mint.ca/store/mint/customer-service/faq-1100010#Q1

Dori the Giant said...

Yes, I've known it's illegal to "deface coins" even before pennies were discontinued. Thanks for the concern though. ;)

Sarms said...

How do they hold up? Does the "print" wear off easily?

Dori the Giant said...

It does wear off a little bit after a while, for example if I keep them with other regular coins. I think if I had something better to seal them off with at the end it would have lasted a bit longer.

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