May 28, 2013

Lego Nails

lego nails
I made some awesome lego nail art today! I actually cut off the lego tips and glued them onto my nails, for a real lego effect. You can also place lego parts on them to have some fun with them. :) I suggest Patrick Starr.


Maddie said...

Hey sweetie!

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: Green Chic Life : said...

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Eatlovemerry said...

Oh my!! This are so gorgeous and cool!

Katie Frank said...

wow how stunning is that?! it looks awesome!!!


looks really cool! :)

Vivid said...

WOW! It's wonderful! I'm so impressed, wow!

Unknown said...

omgosh these are too cute!! Not that i'd go out wearing the flowers or patrick on them... would probably just wear the plain lego pieces. Way to get creative though!!

Sarah| Beauty and Lemonade xo

Yinyin said...

This is so clever! I absolutely love it! :D

Yinyin xx

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