Mar 28, 2013

Dice Cube Die

Full time lapse:

A while ago, I had a dream that me and my friends were visiting an old man's house which was going to be torn down. He had a lot of treasures in his attic that he was giving away to anybody who wanted them before the house were to be destroyed. My friends and I started collecting things, and I noticed a bunch of dice all over the floor. For some reason those were the only thing that interested me, and I started stuffing my pockets with dice until I couldn't fit anymore. After we left the house, one of my friends turned to me and asked, "What are you going to do with all those dice?" and I replied "I'm going to make a giant die out of them."

That was the first time I've ever gotten some sort of art idea in a dream, so I decided to make it happen!


Macy said...

Awesome dream! I love that you remembered the idea when you woke up and actually followed through with it. I wonder what it means to dream about dice...

Irene said...

You are so creative! My jaw literally dropped. :) Glad i came across your blog.
The Lost Caravan

Unknown said...

Way to go, Dori. Can't wait to see what you do next.

Jenny said...

WOW! This really is amazing your so talented x


Page said...

i love your site!
hope you'll like my new site too :)

Muhammad Bux said...

WOW! This really is amazing your so talented

Dori the Giant said...

Thank you for all the comments everyone!

Unknown said...

I've been using blender for a few years and on more than one occasion I've modeled something I had a dream about.Now I know I'm not the only one...Lol I enjoy your work. You're very talented. Best wishes.

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