May 21, 2012

Mint Chocolate.

Mint Chocolate
"Mint chocolate? That's like eating chocolate with toothpaste."

This one's for all the mint chocolate haters. I'm a huge chocolate lover, but my whole life I have never accepted the mix of mint and chocolate together. I think it's so gross, so I decided to express myself. Is there anyone else out there like me?


zdjnbu said...

I have at least two relatives who hate mint chocolate and I've heard one of them using the toothpaste analogy. You're not supposed to brush teeth while there's still chocolate in your mouth, so I wonder where the association comes from.

...just found out that a toothpaste with cocoa extract exists. I hope it's not mint flavored, so you can try it :D

Sienna said...

i HATE mint and chocolate!!!

Ashley Faye said...

this picture actually grosses me out but i LOVE mint chocolate.
sorry charlie!

__ said...

Mmmm, minty toothpaste and chocolate!!! I might could actually go for that!! lol, I'm totally one of those mint+choc lovers! The mint makes the choc have such a piercing taste ... in the mood for some mint choc chip ice cream now! ;)

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