Apr 5, 2012

Ubiquity / Photo Series: Outerface


This photo series, Outerface, is simply about a girl who dares to be different and accessorize her appearance in eccentric ways. It's about the little ways you can think outside the box, when it comes to anything really!

Three of these photos are displayed at Twist Gallery right now as part of our Humber exhibit entitled Ubiquity. The opening reception was last night, here are some pics!

Me in heels for pretty much the first time?

Me and the lovely Nicole!

I also created tiny little framed prints of the ones hanging up and put a small thank-you note on the back to give out to a few friends. I think they're so cute!

I had a great night and I'm so happy that a lot of people showed up (over 300 guests in total!). You can still go check out the gallery until April 27th in Toronto!


cerebral e said...

Congratulations. You are so talented. I love these images and you and Nicole are super-cute.

David said...

Congrats on some super duper shots :)

the parading goat said...

I know it's about the art (lovely!), but I love your outfit!

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