Feb 5, 2012

Green Beans vs. Fries

MamaNature's Beanfries
I replaced McDonald's fries with green beans. This was actually an idea I had many years ago, but I never really had a chance to create it. It fits this assignment well though. I even created a custom "MamaNature's" logo, which takes the McDonald's golden arches and turns them into corn. I feel like I could have put more time into it, but I'm really no perfectionist.


Bianca Jagoe said...

Love this one. Your design ideas are so clever, I so so enjoy seeing them every day.

etheria said...

I would buy the beans! The logo looks like a banana at first, but corn makes more sense :)
very clever, as always :)

Dori the Giant said...

It totally does! I should have made it more green.

Ace said...

So Smart! Love it!

Randi Gardner said...

way cool!

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