Jan 31, 2012

Dentist Portrait.

For a recent school assignment, we had to photograph a business portrait of a person in their work environment. I was lucky enough to photograph a dentist, who also happens to be my best friend's mom, so it was a fun shoot!

I've been a little more experimental with photoshop, especially at improving colours.


ShyScout said...

This photo looks great!! I really like all the cool shades contrasting with her skin.

Chrissy said...

It's wonderful!!

Caroline said...

That photo is radddddddddddddd!!!!!! You are so talented.

Alisa said...

Great photo, love the blue gloves!

cerebral e said...

Love the photo. Also, your friend's mum looks so young - is your best friend 3 years old?

Dori the Giant said...

Thanks everyone! Haha, my best friend is my age. I agree, her mom looks so young!

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