Jan 12, 2012

Black Swan Poster

Black Swan Poster

I watched the movie Black Swan when it first came out and I loved it. I stumbled upon some pretty, vintage style designed posters for the movie and I fell in love with them. View them here. I decided to make my own Black Swan poster using a similar style to theirs because I liked it so much. I had so much trouble making the proper swan shape for this and my lack of Illustrator skills didn't help much.

Explained: A pair of black swans which hide inside them a pair of eyes. The eyes represent the ballerina, which is why they appear angry. The swans are on a lake, although instead of waves I used zigzags to give it an edgier feel. The lake is red and dripping on the bottom right, which represents bloodshed.

If I ever decide to re-do this idea, I think I'll add the ballerina's crown next time.


Anonymous said...

Very Cool! Have not seen the movie yet. Requiem for a Dream is an all-time favourite - although heartbreakingly sad. Aronofsky's first movie, Pi, hooked me.

zdjnbu said...

Reminds me of a painting with angry looking swan and blood in it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gallen_Kallela_Lemminkainens_Mother.jpg

Watched Black Swan just few days ago. Glad I did.

Dori the Giant said...

Wow, I really love that painting. Thanks for sending it.
Haha Jyrki, even if you didn't watch Black Swan a few days ago, after seeing my poster you would have, right? ;) Haha.

the parading goat said...

Woooh, this is a gorgeous poster, that you made! Would love to hang it on my wall :)

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