Nov 29, 2011

Glasses - Fake Ad


This is an advertisement for sunglasses that I created for an assignment.

Here is an explanation of the entire ad:

I chose to photograph sunglasses for this assignment, although when I went to buy a pair, I couldn't decide between two colours - so I bought both. When figuring out how I'm going to place the glasses together to be photographed, I noticed that they form the shape of an eye when they overlap. I made the glasses look like this using one piece of tape. Because the glasses formed the shape of an eye, I decided to use the shape to make a company logo. After I created the logo, I realized it looked like two letter C's wrapping around a circle. I used that to create the company name, C & C, Cain & Clarence Eyewear. I wanted to add a question or statement to my ad, so I came up with "What do you see?" in regards to the illusion of shape in my ad, as well as how sunglasses change the way you view things. I changed the word "see" to "C" so that it compliments the use of the company name. I also changed the layout of the question to appear like an eye exam, although reversed so that the letter C is the biggest.

I hope you like it.


Inna said...

I love how the sunglasses make the shape of an eye! Very cool. I like the overall feel of the ad, too. It's clean and simple, but with great ideas behind it.

Anonymous said...

i love this<3

zdjnbu said...

I can't quit staring at it. o_o

Hehe, you combined the names of two villains from the two first RoboCop movies: the drug lord Cain and the crime lord Clarence Boddicker.

pipes said...

very creative

Dori the Giant said...

Lmao Jyrki, that's actually quite cool. I remember that TV show from my childhood. :)

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