Mar 8, 2011

I like film. I like diptychs.

There's something fun about using film! I love taking film photos with the Nikon I borrowed from my friend - and I can't remember how long ago that was. I take photos of random things throughout weeks and weeks of time, and then I like to see all the different results I get! This time I paired up some photos to create diptychs:

Top photograph:: My sketchbok, which I call my ideabook.
It's one of those flexible note-book binders. They're amazing.
Bottom photograph: My ruined paint brushes.
They're still slightly useful, so I keep them.
Top photograph: My dog's first trip to the plaza near our house. She was on her two paws, scared, looking for Kevin in the store window.
Bottom photograph: Well, it's just a feather...
But that there is possibly a chunk of bird meat. Gross.
Top photograph: One of my only two plants in my room.
Bottom photograph: What it looked like after it committed suicide off the shelf.
Top photograph: My hermit crab, Passenger, running away from her gross, dirty home.
Bottom photograph: Passenger happily liking her fresh clean tank.


Caroline said...

I love these photos!!! I was attacked by a hermit crab in third grade ... not fun!! :)

Emily's Moose - Karolina Kubikowska said...

loving these :)


Hannah Joy said...

Very coool. I love film too....feels like there's more of your heart in it :)

Becky said...

Love the pics! Especially the dog.

I had to take care of hermit crabs in Grade 10 biology. I convinced my best friend to take care of them for me...they creeped me out.

Bethany Susan said...

oh no your plant! that makes me laugh though imagining it diving over he edge! i got my print! love it, thank you! now to find a frame..

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