Aug 12, 2010

Say Cheese

Sometimes junk can pretend to be cute.


Jam! said...

I don't think it has to pretend :3

Did you make the camera part from several other bits or did it just look like that already?
And what did you take apart to get the board, looks a bit like a phone.
I've tried playing around with circuit boards from disposable cameras but haven't found a real use for the bits yet.

Dori the Giant said...

The camera is made from 4 random pieces from different things I took apart.

The green part is from the inside of a cellphone.

I forget where the black one came from. I think I might have found it like that, or it might have been inside a big electronic toy.

I have no idea what disposable cameras look like on the inside haha! You haaaave to make something out of it. :)

kalie brynn. said...

Ope! Maybe it was just put together by someone real cute! That itsy camera is precious.

Kayla said...

That's adorable :3

Lulu said...

this id adorababale! ah you are such a clever soul.

Lulu said...

whoops, *is
(that's blogger karma for you... misspelling one word on purpose leads to misspelling another word on accident)

Sam Liu said...

Ha! Wonderful, Dori, truly wonderful. Inventive, fun and very creative :)

estroJen said...

I heart your blog

Sybil said...

that is so cool!! and so creative!! :D

Animated Confessions

Abby said...

That is really cute and clever!

Alice Jones said...

wow, i am SO doing this!

rebecca said...

haha. clever. love it.

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