Mar 26, 2010

Striped Shelves

Striped Wall Shelves(after)Wall Shelves(before)

I know the colour is a little off in both photos (one was taken at night, one during the day) but I just wanted to show you how much I love stripes. I initially painted my shelves purple to match my second colour in my room, but I think I like this better. Although, I know I don't have much to put on them yet!


Anonymous said...

I love stripes! I used to have a striped credenza -teal and purple, I painted it myself :)- but I left it in my parents house... If I could've bring it I would've, though.
Your room looks so cute! I'm jealous!

its simple love said...

That is a fantastic idea. Love those shelves. Is this where you got the idea for your blog background too? You are ao creative.


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