Jul 1, 2012

Ice Cream Cloud

Ice Cream Cloud
Today I was turning clouds into ice cream.


Katia said...

Haha this is awesome, I might just do this next time I have an icecream cone and some clouds and a camera.
Yknow, because that combination of circumstances happens often.....

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tumbleweed•twine said...

N'awwrh, this is such a sweet idea! Love this :') Though how you happened to have an ice cream cone at you with you at such short notice I cannot begin to fathom.. :') ♥

Sarah ^.^

marci said...

Love it! :-)

sean scarborough said...

i think this is my favourite i just finished looking at everything i just love how creative you are it's just awesome. keep making this amazing art dori and you're only as small as the world will make you seem

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