Nov 2, 2011


I'm 50% years old.
I'm 50% years old.

The basic concept behind this idea was the years we're given in life. Many of us believe we'll die from old age, but death can often catch people by surprise. Would you live differently knowing that you were going to die earlier in life than expected?

The life in your cigarette.
The life in your cigarette.

Another smoking-related piece. That cigarette could be the one to take years off your life, and you'll only figure it out the hard way.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should say that, having trouble sleeping, feeling too breathless, and I think the last cigarette I had today has a lot to do with it. Having said that, I'm surprised im still alive now, the first thing ppl I knew from high school say to me when ever I see them now is "you're still alive?" So ive overcome the obstacles, Still 27 was the age I had planned to die so maybe I can hold on for 3 more years, cause all the best rockstars died at 27, which means they'll always be remembered in their prime, as opposed to when they hit wrinkly,adultdiaper,balding,deaf age and are left in an old folks home moaning with dementia, smelling like moff balls...still wonder how much more music hendrix would've released had he not died so young..... I'm going to try and sleep again now, just thought this blog was a co-inki-dink...

Kristin H said...

Ah,,, I am so glad I stopped smoking:)

Sarah said...

Great post!

Denise Scaramai said...

Great question you raised here!

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