Jul 24, 2010

When you've run out of stamps..



Lauren said...

I wish that worked.

Also, about your sidebar: I often listen to my clock ticking to help get to sleep. It's soothing and rhythmic.

allie said...

It works! Sometimes it really works!

wallflower said...

Allie, that's funny. Although I don't understand how they actually sent it and didn't even take the money!

Kind of weird that they ripped the letter almost in half ahaha!

Anonymous said...

That's cute! I think if we lived in a day and age where people really still practiced the honour system, it would work. Nowadays, I'd be afraid that someone would just take the coin and trash the letter. - G

Anonymous said...

In my state this actually works, I ran out of stamps the other morning and just stuck 2 quarters on it with tape and they sent the letter. haha

Be Kind For Everyone You Know Is Fighting A Battle said...

hey girl thanks for the comments
ya as for tasting things--i am grateful i can taste things. my therapist can't taste food. he hardly has any taste.
and umm why do i need to be a certain weight for college? b/c i have to. i feel like i'll fit in better...i'll be able to accept myself more and love myself more when im skinnier and beautiful

Julia said...

I just have to stop by and let you know how much I love your blog. I look forward to your posts!

abigail said...


CupKay said...

your hair is amazing, p.s- I'm totally sorry for not writing you back yet, i've been a busy bee, I promise I will though. P.S- YOUR LETTER WAS ADORABLE. you're so creative. <3

Andrew Finnie said...

Hello Giant, I enjoy your blog your PS skills are fine! I like the hands drawn on the fingers

the trouble with sticking the money on the envelope is that you will need more money to balance the extra weight, and the more money you put on it, the more money you will need till you get to paper money :)

wallflower said...

I was also thinking about that, Andrew!
Which is why I think the Canadian two dollar coin is perfect for that. I think a bunch of smaller coins would have weighed much more.

Haha, and when you get to paper money, you'll just be overpaying it all!

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