Apr 11, 2010

Walking photographs.

I added a couple new photos to my flickr page (under nature). I took them while on a walk to a place where I haven't been in a long long time. Now that it's summer, I'm not afraid to take my camera out as much.


Caroline said...

Wow ... I love the movement in these photos!! They are amazing! xo

dieter michalek said...

so great pictures.

uglygirl said...

Gorgeous. Keep snapping.

Juliette Crane said...

i'm really liking the layout and color treatment on these. i've been all bright colors lately and think i might try the subtlety.

best wishes, juliette

Twila said...

I love nature!! And these photos capture it beautifully! I love your profile photos...adorable. And yes I have listend to the clock ticking and it makes me nervous!


Elaine said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!
You really have a great talent.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Anonymous said...

I've just spent the last 20mins on your flickr, you have some serious talent girly!! Keep it up :-)
PS. I love how many hair styles you've had- I'd be hard pushed to pick a favourite.

wallflower said...

Thanks everyone. I definitely don't want to give this up. :) I'm going to college for it!

Lulu said...

how gorgeous!

allie said...

Love, love, LOVE your photos!!

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