Apr 15, 2010

Quote22 - Fear of sleep.

The only reason we're not afraid to sleep is because we're so certain we'll awake again.
Where do you go when you sleep? I like thinking about how we disappear when we sleep. Being unconscious is one of my fears really, except when I'm safe in my own bed and I know that I'll be there to see the morning. The nights without dreams are the scariest - those nights we die, but only for a little while.

I think dying in your sleep is one of the worst ways to go. Most people think the complete opposite. I also think that any unplanned death or unaware death is the worst. When we go to sleep, we think about a million things, create plans for the future, think about what we have to accomplish the next day, and await experiencing dreamland for a little while. Sleep is supposed to be a safe place for us. I'm not sure why some people even tell me that they'd rather die in their sleep - I can't relate at all.


Paige Baker said...

I like what you've done with your layout.

Also, I love this. I agree and disagree. Let me explain, I agree that an unplanned death is always tragic and honestly If I had to choose my way of death, I'd choose to go in place of someone else. However, if you knew you were going to die before you went to sleep, it would be the most peaceful way to go. In any account, death does not scare me, it used to...but in my fear I started to understand it more and come to total peace with it. In my opinion, death is more traumatic for the ones who have to live to see you die.

uglygirl said...

I was with a patient today who took her last breath while I was with her. She just drifted off unexpectedly. I don't think she would have minded. She was very, very old.

myownlittleuniverse said...

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Leigh said...

Just absolutely adore your blog! I love this and find so much inspiration in your posts :)

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