Apr 21, 2010

Kariya Park

Since I have nowhere else to take photos, I usually take them at parks. I know - amazing eh? Also, Kevin was trying to feed blossoms to the goose. Oh and yes, that last one would be a dead turtle. It was gross, but I like photographing dead animals. It's my thing.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's gross... photographing dead animals. I think it's kinda beautiful... I do it too. I guess it's more bizarre than it is gross.
Great pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and nothing post related but... how can I get the proudly smoke-free icon? Thanks :)
A big hug!!

Tara said...

Oh, no, dead turtle!!! Cry!

BethanySusan said...

love love love the colors in that first pic!

p.s. i did get my necklace! thank you so much!

natg said...

Geese make me happy :D I can't wait until they start having plump little goslings too! lol!

Hardwood floors installation said...

Wonderful photos! The park is really beautiful.

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