Mar 10, 2010

This is my tree

this is my tree
Do you remember when you were a kid, how much fun you had using your imagination? Pretending that your small blanket fort was a huge sacred place, and that you were this and she was that. Remember when everything could be anything, and you should share it with all your friends, and they would agree? Remember when nobody judged each other?

I don't know about you but I never want to kill the child that I was. I'm always going to be imaginative and I swear to never grow up. I still climb trees and like to pretend. Have you ever watched the movie Bridge To Terabithia? Or even Where The Wild Things Are?

As I got older the world seemed to shrink, reality hit me and I seemed to be more awake and aware of what life really is. I'm not going to let it stop being wild. If we all stopped caring so much about standards and being judged by others, maybe we'd all be a little crazier, sillier, louder, weirder, and maybe we'd all have our own crazy worlds to share. I'm holding on to everything and I already know there are people out there who are too!

Growing up doesn't have to mean forgetting.
Don't be afraid to build blanket forts!

love, dori


trishie said...

i love your tree!

So true about not losing our sense of imagination as we become adults...i'm hanging on dearly to mine.

Paige Baker said...

Amen! Your posts are great!

Tara said...

Your blog is beautiful! Love it.

Malou said...

I love your tree!
I'm happy to see other people are agreeing to the fact your blog is one of the best ones out there. :)
Love, Malou

the parading goat said...

I would so get that as a tattoo if you did not think of it first!
Sigh, your blog seems like I don't really need other blogs anymore.
Followers, leaders, whatever :D I am sooo sticking around for the Giant!

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