Mar 14, 2010

Story Escapes Again

chameleon sleeping on ironchameleon sleeping on ironchameleon sleeping on iron

I thought this was so cute. I returned home today to find that my chameleon, Story, was missing! She has been escaping a lot lately and usually likes to aim for the underbed! I alerted everyone and we searched for so long but she wasn't under the bed.

I don't know how we missed her, but we finally found her 20 minutes later - she fell asleep cozily on the iron!

In case anybody is wondering, she was escaping because she currently lives in a cage I customized for her myself. It's really big and works well for when she is laying eggs, which she's probably going to be doing soon since she has been acting crazy again. I found the areas she's been escaping through and fixed them. :)

In other news, I saw a big centipede in my house today.


trishie said...

What an amazing pet you've got. Love her colours, so beautiful!

wallflower said...

Thank you! Her colours are pretty typical for a veiled chameleon, some other ones have even crazier colours!

Miss Mayhem said...

I want a chameleon so bad! I thought yours was fake because the colors are so beautiful! She looks happy and healthy so you must be a good owner!

-Miss Mayhem
(p.s., I made a new blog because I didn't want to mess with the virus thing and destroy my computer, I tend to do that!)

Paige Baker said...

So beautiful!

Lulu said...

she's SOOO beautiful! i've never had a chameleon...i had a bearded dragon once and loved her to death, though. Story is gorgeous!

zachary said...

I only had a water dragon and it died few months after. It had an eye-infection:(

Anonymous said...

aww she is so beautiful! and how cute to find her on top of your iron! :)

Hope Chella said...

This is great!!!! I really like your blog :)


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