Mar 18, 2010

Rusty Photographs


I have 27 new photos, all taken yesterday. Click here to see them on flickr! I upgraded to pro a few days ago.


Shelby Levesque said...

I love these! The contrast between the rustic and natural is very interesting.
Great work(:

Lulu said...

looove the second photo! these are all so beautiful!

Paige Baker said...

I love these Dori, I'm sad it took me so long to get home and see them! I'll check out the others!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dori! You're such a great photographer! I love the perspective.
Have an amazing day!!

passport in my pocket said...

these are so interesting! will check out the rest of your images now....

enjoy a lovely weekend :)

zachary said...

Great photos:)
what's the cigarette butt and the ball doing there? what was on your mind when you snap them?


Hope Chella said...

Yes, I think that she started out going ahead of me by adding a smile with teeth and then decided to put on lipstick like the rest of the girls. Notice, the girls have bigger lips, eyelashes and blush on because they are "beautiful" and the boys do not because they are "handsome" hahah

Have a great weekend and thanks for your comment :) xo


wallflower said...

Thanks for the comments!

Zachary, I liked that photo because of the contrast of items. I named it "Growing Up". It represents how innocent children turn to bad habits (such as smoking) as they grow up.

It just makes me sad thinking about all the amazing, lovable young kids I know and I fear some of them might grow up to become different than we'd all expect.

zachary said...

Splendid! i knew there was something on your mind:) You never disappoints:)


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Off to check out your latest shots! You always inspire me to take more photos---such a talent you are! XO Katie

Hope Chella said...

Rust can be very fascinating!!!! I'm out of work so I am able to appreciate your post more now xoxo


Tara said...

You are soooo good. I wish I could take such beautiful pics. My favorite is the first one with the container. =)

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