Mar 16, 2010

The Horizon

This is where I would like to take you someday. The horizon.


Malou said...

Aww, too cute. I love your simple drawings. They always make my day.
Love, Malou.

zachary said...

I would love to go there and plant some flowers, well i saw it as a green field..
Pretty tricky..is this a trick or something? haha..


wallflower said...

Haha, a trick!

Basically, it's just the horizon line.

It's empty because there are too many places I would like to take him to - but they're all in this world so this unites them.

It represents them all.

Paige Baker said...

Very creative! I love the idea. :)

zachary said...

Thanks for being my leader:)

Elaine said...

How thought-provoking...


Anonymous said...

I love the meaning in this :)
You love him more than you -and he- can see after that horizon line, I think.
Have a nice day Dori, and get more sleep, you need it! I always see you updating your blog, it's like you never rest girl!
A big hug!

trishie said...

i'd love to go to the horizon too!

kiss me quick said...

aww so cute. I just found your blog and I'm quite addicted now!

xxx kissmequick

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