Dec 18, 2011

Beyond perfection.

light bulb teeth
I think people put too much emphasis on perfection. Once the whole world buys into whitening their teeth to a perfect shade of white, people will want something better than just white. In the future, people will have little light bulbs in their teeth. Our smiles will literally shine, and the value of the natural will diminish.


Andrew Finnie said...

Hehe Dori, you made me laugh. I like how you think. You should change your description to "Inspiring' photographer. Have a wonderous Chrissie :)

PS you work very well on both sides of the lens I see

Mohamed Mughal said...

And when everyone has 100 watt bulbs for teeth, someone will make a fad of yellow teeth....and then we'll all be out drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes to "yellow" our teeth :)

K said...

Ahaha this was rather funny, but so true all at once!


cerebral e said...

I've always hated how the beauty (and cosmetic dentistry) industry "invents" new flaws so that everyone goes out and buys new products in vain (literally) attempts to conform to the beauty ideal. What's next, gums not pink enough?

wallflower said...

I agree! It's so hard to avoid the pressure, too.

Caitlin said...

veeerry clever. And I have to admit- I whiten my teeth too often.

Anonymous said...

I love how you always come up with some crazy-awesome ideas!

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