Sep 4, 2011

Logo love 2.



The Dori The Giant logo was a little idea I had which has to do with the new blog layout I'm currently working on for this blog! I think I like the colours I chose more than the way the logo turned out.

The Green Earth logo was made for some practise. I made a heart shape out of two leaves, and I went further and changed the top of the heart into hills and added a sunrise. Playing with shapes is so much fun. I really do hope to become a logo designer some day!


K said...

these are great! Though I think the "dori the giant" one might be a bit too long vertically? love the colours too though!

logo design is so fun, but self branding is REALLY tough I find!

wallflower said...

I just made them for fun, and they were rushed ideas so of course they're no where near perfect.

What is self branding?

Anonymous said...

I live in the city you used for your first logo!

wallflower said...

Awesome! I live nearby.. but I'll probably live in it sometime as well. :)

Melissa Blake said...

I love the heart leaves!! :)

ZeZe said...

I like the logo.. It is describing between a love and nature.. Let us green our earth =)

sell wow account said...

that looks awesome!

Andrew Finnie said...

Wonderful is the green earth one - just the right tones and colours and subtle heart shape.

The legs on the top one are superb. I think the tower is kind of a bit masculine and pointy. They are like two different logos joined - each hhalf could be the genesis of another separate logo.

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