Feb 22, 2011

Ears! Let's design ears!

I've had button spacers (plugs) in my ears for years! Although they still fascinate people, I've gotten bored of them. I asked my sister to make me some new wooden plugs because she has access to some tools. I love them, and I can't wait to make some myself!

Check out my ears.

Good-bye boring old button spacers.

Hello new wooden spacers.

I asked her to make me clock spacers. Favourite!

Just saying hello. :)


Alycia (thecuriouspug.com) said...

those clock spacers are adorable!! i'm stuck on an 8 gauge and trying to go to 6 seems like such a huge jump. the tapers i've seen are so long and ugly. may i ask how you did it?

Melanie's Randomness said...

I love the clock one!! It looks very very cool!! =)

Melanie's Randomness

wallflower said...

Tape is alright but pretty annoying.

I created my own method! I made my own stretchers out of a modelling clay that I have (when you boil it, it hardens!) and that way I had control over the size and length, etc.

There are a lot of options though.

Eva said...

so cute! i love all your little earrings!

rew foe said...

hello dori!
that looks like it might hurt just a little...

gracey said...

wow! looks so cute! how did you girls do that?

Bethany Susan said...

LOOOOOOVE your clocks. And all your itty bitty earrings lining your ears, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the buttons!

tifsong said...

you're so cute. for real. adorable.

K said...

oooh the clock one is special!
That last picture of you is adorable, love your sweater :)

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