Feb 20, 2011


I love trying new foods! The other day, my boyfriend brought over a dragonfruit. I've never tried one before, and they look so funny on the inside. The taste is probably most similar to a kiwi, but it's different. Although I hate kiwis, I really liked this fruit. I hope my boyfriend buys me some other strange fruits. They really do beat getting flowers!


Kate said...

I would really love to try this! How interesting it looks.

Kate x

Claire said...

Woh, I never would have expected them to be speckled white on the inside.
Gorgeous fruit though - wishing I had one to try too.

K said...

you know your boyfriend's a keeper when he brings you weird fruits rather than flowers!
And I don't even mean that sarcastically, it's really quite sweet :)

Aury said...

I don't think I've ever tried one but I've definitely seen and heard about it before.

Jamie Walker said...

I had a dragon fruit in Florida once and I've been trying to find them ever since! I guess they don't come to grocery stores in Utah very often!

Melanie's Randomness said...

I'm curious how you would eat that? Do you just eat that inner white part? It looks awesome! =)

Melanie's Randomness

wallflower said...

Yeah, you just eat the inside with a spoon!
It's awesome.
It's also funny how much more we enjoy new foods just because we pay more attention to the taste.

We're all desensitized to our regular foods!

jenny aka. little j. said...

Hey Dori! I did make my header (well, with a lot of help from my boyfriend, whose a much better designer than I am!)
Your blog is so cute and colourful... I love it and I'm glad I found you!

Caroline said...


Kimbirdy said...

oh i love dragon fruit! they're such beautiful, fun, weird things that you get to eat! for me it's one of those rare child-like excitements that come in adulthood.

ChristopherTK said...


Every Chinatown carries them.

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