Feb 12, 2011

City on fire

City on fire.
It's a fraction of the painting.


Anonymous said...

Whole thing! Whole thing! We want to see the whole painting!

wallflower said...

I can't show you because I don't like it.
I'll make better ones.

K said...

the colours are so great! and I love the yellow specks throughout

Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

wow! interesting! This one has a lot of "sound" to me.

Michele said...

Seriously? You are AWESOME! This painting is so unique and interesting. Much much much better than the kind of first painting I did the other day. I say, post the whole thing! :)

elaine robins said...

this is amazing!

lady lyles said...

pretty freakin' fantastic. i just started painting again. i've never really given it enough time to really find my own style-in college we mostly just did a lot of still life stuff, and i find myself doing a lot of copying without even realizing it. even with my blog design, i keep wanting to follow really on trend aesthetics with lots of pale colors and girly imagery, but i'm starting to realize that I am drawn to much brighter and darker colors. you seem really comfortable with this painting (in the best way). i really hope to get there soon!

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