Dec 10, 2010

Mind power.

Weed gets me low.
In my world, using my mind to the fullest takes me further, and in my opinion, drugs slow you down. I look up to people who value their time, money, and their mind. I like those who take advantage of the power sober thoughts. My outlet is art, what's yours?


Claire said...

Cheers! <3

wichser studio said...

mine is too! creating jewelry..building stuff..

definitely art is a soul quencher :)

jill said...


Emmy said...

Can I ask you what school you go to? I just love all of your projects.

wallflower said...

Thanks Emmy.. :)
I go to Humber College for the Creative Photography program. It's not as creative as it sounds, but I hope to get something out of it!

Tonio said...

I love drawing...I´m a fashion illustrator, and I´ve launched my character, Sanabra.
You are invited to meet her
See you


Flow Disruption said...

Very nice! Drugs are a waste of time. Art is more interesting, anyway. ;)

Anonymous said...

ME TOO! <3

Mollie said...

Amen, sista! I like using my brain not stifling it.

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